Creating magical moments in your class: making room for Storytelling though pedagogic activities

“Learners have storied selves that cannot be dissociated from their selves in the classroom, so they are encouraged to share their stories and experiences during ordinary pedagogic activities. Naturally, these interactions help us all — myself included, connect with one another.” Teresa Carvalho (2017) Magical. This is what many teachers want their lessons to be....Read More

Oops! A lesson on embarrassing stories

If you are suffering from Novemberitis and need a comical interlude or just an idea for a lesson, here’s an integrated-skills lesson plan for B2 learners. The topic is embarrassing stories  and students will read about it to get in the topic, listen to a celebrity telling her own stories and talk throughout. The main...Read More

The Art of Storytelling as Curriculum

Our humanity is expressed through our stories. More than ever before educators are in the look for different ways to engage their students by telling their own pieces of stories each class they meet their students, but they are also aiming to help their learners to tell their own stories. By doing that, a transformative...Read More

5 bons livros disponíveis gratuitamente para você se desenvolver durante o recesso

Então, mais um ano se passou. Se você for como eu, vai olhar para as resoluções do ano anterior (aquelas que você escreveu ainda em 2014) e ver que não conseguiu cumprir boa parte delas. A tão sonhada forma física, o curso de desenho artístico e a viagem à Fernando de Noronha em 2015, por...Read More

Sifriá Leieladim – Children´s library: a place for learning, fun and interaction

Having a children´s library in a school is an asset. Not all large schools nowadays have enough space to offer kids a room especially designed for them. Besides, it´s perfectly understandable that an empty room in a school is turned into a classroom. We didn´t really have the room for the library in Colégio A....Read More
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