Story telling treasure hunt/ detective games

Story telling can be used as a means to set the “stage”. The story you tell can be the reason students will conduct the treasure hunt or solve the clues as detectives.

Story telling provides the justification for searching for  the lost treasure or….. For solving the crime.

The clues could be written out in story form to continue the story that was initially presented by the teacher. Students would have to engage in reading comprehension skills.

Another option for solving the riddle could be a question that allude to some part of a well known story. For example: Look for a place  that Harry Potter slept while at the Dursley’s house. Students would have to find a small dark corner or closet under the stairs.

Students could engage in fun story time activities.

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Thalya Goldfeld

Thalya Goldfeld, (Masters in Education, CUNY) is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer. Specializes in English language storytelling for young learners.

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