digital education

4 Educational podcasts for curious teachers

The ones who interact with me know what a podcast freak I am for more than a decade now, when it was still a hustle to transfer a podcast to my mp3 player. All of it to bring new and fresh learning experiences to my students. Even when I didn’t have connection, it worked. When...Read More

Looking beyond the fads: the use of tech in your classroom.

I will begin this post with a confession: although I have been involved in EFL and digital education projects for quite some time, I am not a heavy user of technology; I don’t really own a myriad of smart devices and, most of the time, I tend to prefer taking notes on a good, old...Read More

The Art of Storytelling as Curriculum

Our humanity is expressed through our stories. More than ever before educators are in the look for different ways to engage their students by telling their own pieces of stories each class they meet their students, but they are also aiming to help their learners to tell their own stories. By doing that, a transformative...Read More

Alphabet Generation – From Hi-Fi to Wi-Fi

I have recently read an article talking about the teacher of the future and that got me thinking whether I was either connected to past, present or future. Some years ago I and Lidia Vanessa (a fellow teacher and friend of mine) did a presentation at an ABCI conference which started with a provocative question:...Read More
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