Classroom Management

P is for Personalization and Private one-to-one lessons. But what about larger groups?

A long time ago, I wrote a blog post here talking about the perks and perils of being a private teacher. At that time, I had been teaching private classes for just one year. I have mostly taught one-to-one lessons since 2017, even though I have now been a private teacher for 10 years. Although...Read More

Will the world ever live as one?

“We live in a world we have not yet learned to look at” Marc Augé (Photograph taken at The Beatles Story, Liverpool)  We are living in a world in which we are being constantly bombarded with information about everything, from funny memes to world politics. We are often under the impression that we know and...Read More

Teaching Young Learners and Teens: turning pain into bliss

As a teacher, I have already experienced feelings of frustration, sadness and even anger when I prepared THAT special lesson and everything went wrong, specially classroom management. I know, I’m not the only one. So this time, I would like to bring you 3 tips which could potentially help you shift this key, so that...Read More

“Teacher-researcher”… What does that even mean?

We know what a teacher is. We know what a researcher is. But what happens when we merge these two concepts? Picture the following: you check your calendar to know what classes you need to teach this week. Then you check you class records to remember where you stopped and prepare for the next lesson....Read More

DIVERSITY TO INCLUSION: Balancing diversity to reach inclusion

BY DONNA FIELDS Welcome to RichmondShare. We’re looking forward to sharing with you the most innovative practices – methods you can use immediately in your online or your face-to-face lessons. Diversity is about all of us… …and about all of us having to figure out how to walk through this world together. Jaqueline Woodson Diversity:...Read More

Why Are We Beating Around The Bush?

The musical hit series Glee aired between 2009 and 2015. I remember watching it and thinking to myself: “What a wonderful and necessary series!”. Like most of Ryan Murphy’s work, there’s a lot of representation in it. And the fact that it focuses on teenagers making through high school makes it even more special as...Read More

Are We to Blame For Our Teenage Students’ Indiscipline?

It’s expected that experienced teachers’ classes will be more peaceful and freer of problems than novices’. But let’s be honest: no matter how long you’ve been working in ELT (English Language Teaching), there will always be difficulties, since we are dealing with people. That alone already means facing the unexpected on a daily basis, not...Read More

Do You Shy Away From Shy Students?

It goes without saying that teachers of teenagers often worry about how fun and dynamic classes must be so as to keep students engaged and motivated. So pervasive is this concern among professionals who teach youngsters that we sometimes tend to disregard the importance of taking into account the quieter and shyer students in our...Read More
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