Language Acquisition

Making it Visible: Shedding Light on What Happens Beyond the Book

Multiple choice: Your kid came home singing in English and you: a) record a video and share it in the family group chat b) congratulate their English teacher c) believe the school’s bilingual program is a success d) try to find the song in the coursebook   A school is a place filled with stimuli,...Read More

Letramento em avaliação de línguas – como esse conhecimento pode impactar minha prática?

É fato que estamos sempre avaliando nossas ações e as atitudes que estão ao nosso redor em nosso dia a dia. Isso pode acontecer em uma conversa com uma amiga, na fila do supermercado, ao nos depararmos com a fatura do cartão de crédito ao final do mês e mesmo ao longo da leitura de...Read More

The Importance of Increasing Students’ Q.A.R. – Questions and Answers Repertoire

Once in Paris, I had a friend teaching me the following phrase in case I needed to ask for information: Bonjour! Je suis désolé! Où je trouve les toilettes, s’il vous plaît? Apparently, my question was well asked as I was ‘gunnned down’ by the fastest French speech I have ever heard. It is obvious...Read More

A blast from the past: how I learned and failed to learn English through songs

“You’ve got that look again, the one I hoped I had when I was a lad…”  The familiar tune and the words I had once memorized blasted out of my phone — quite unexpectedly, I might add. I was listening to a random Spotify playlist, and out came Simply Red’s 1992 major hit “For Your...Read More

The day Glenn Greenwald came up in a conversation that was not about politics — or was it?

“What do you think of Glenn Greenwald’s Portuguese?” That question came out of the blue to me, but there I was, chatting to an air traffic controller before we started his English proficiency interview about a third person’s Portuguese language proficiency. I thought of a video I saw after the first Vaza Jato news: “Well,...Read More

Jaboticabas and Figs

Unit 3: Food. In the first exercise, the coursebook brings a set of pictures, each of them showing different food separated in groups. The image labeled with the letter “B” depicts bacon, a box of cereal, two doughnuts, a waffle, some pancakes, eggs, and a glass of orange juice. The instructions tell students to check...Read More

The Teenage Brain: How It Affects the Learning Process

As a teacher, I have often resorted to different methodologies and activities to make students more interested in my class. However, lately I have been curious about the learning processes of a language and I have been eager to understand in depth how especially teenagers go through such processes. Consequently, the following question has popped...Read More

Dealing With Parents’ High Levels of Expectations

The other day I was talking to an acquaintance who has a kid that goes to a language school to study English. As this acquaintance knows I am an English teacher, she started opening up to me about her feelings towards her child’s studies and she stated that she “did not feel like her daughter...Read More
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