Natália Guerreiro

“É melhor fazer aula com um falante nativo?”

“É melhor fazer aula com um falante nativo?” — pergunta o leigo. E hoje é com ele que vou falar. Você com certeza já deve ter visto cursos de inglês que anunciam aulas com professores nativos. Será esse de fato um diferencial? Vamos pensar aqui: se fosse o contrário e você fosse dar aula de português para...Read More

Jazzing it up: Lessons from Miles Davis for our professional development

As you will probably agree, inspiration comes from the most unusual places. Just now, I felt so moved by a Netflix documentary about the jazz genius Miles Davis that I had to come here and write about the lessons I believe his career may bring to our professional development as teachers.   “The Musings of...Read More

A blast from the past: how I learned and failed to learn English through songs

“You’ve got that look again, the one I hoped I had when I was a lad…”  The familiar tune and the words I had once memorized blasted out of my phone — quite unexpectedly, I might add. I was listening to a random Spotify playlist, and out came Simply Red’s 1992 major hit “For Your...Read More

The day Glenn Greenwald came up in a conversation that was not about politics — or was it?

“What do you think of Glenn Greenwald’s Portuguese?” That question came out of the blue to me, but there I was, chatting to an air traffic controller before we started his English proficiency interview about a third person’s Portuguese language proficiency. I thought of a video I saw after the first Vaza Jato news: “Well,...Read More

From novice to expert: what teacher development frameworks can teach us

Teaching a language, especially when you’re a novice, can be really daunting. In fact, the word “daunting” immediately brings to mind a Duck commercial that was constantly on when I studied in Australia. The voice-over would go, “Cleaning your bathroom can seem like a daunting task”, and the small bathroom would grow huge with the...Read More

Frankly, dear, what do you think of English as a lingua franca?

When professionals I know and admire seem to have something against English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), I try to understand why. From their follow-up replies, I get the impression they see ELF as “narrowing the curriculum” and their own position as one of “demanding high” and “catering for students’ needs in the real world.”...Read More

What does ‘good English’ even mean?

“Your English is so beautiful.” – I sometimes hear, and I promise you I have a point in writing this, which is not that I’m a Leo (although I am). In fact, I’ve always been a bit reticent about those compliments about my English language proficiency, especially when they come from laypeople. I mean, we...Read More

My Moving Maker Moment

How often do you revisit and reexamine your beliefs about teaching and learning and about yourself as a teacher? It is easy to find fault in other people’s beliefs or practices: “So and So still operate with the concept of X. Don’t they know research shows no evidence it works?”; “How can anyone still use...Read More
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