People are still struggling with the role of Grammar in bilingual education…

It is amazing how difficult it is for us to let go of old habits, old beliefs, traditional ways of doing things. That is not different with teachers… although one might expect it to be. Recent and not so recent studies about language acquisiton have pointed out the importance of acquiring a language in a...Read More

Lost in Translation – O uso da tradução na sala de aula

Olá a todos e todas! Para este post de hoje, resolvi trazer um pouco à baila um assunto que tem a ver com uma das minhas atividades profissionais relacionadas à língua inglesa. Sou tradutor, atualmente trabalhando mais com livros de RPG (para saber um pouco mais sobre isso, leia meu post). Entretanto, sempre que posso,...Read More

Une Tomate Rouge and How Languages Work

                1. Une Tomate Rouge Less than a month ago I decided to take up French and I am already being faced with big challenges: I had assumed that languages close to your own in the language tree should not be too hard to learn, so I picked...Read More

Teachers and Grammar

“Over the years, language teachers have alternated between favoring teaching approaches that focus primarily on language use and those that focus on language forms or analysis. The alternation has been due to a fundamental disagreement concerning whether one learns to communicate in a second language by communicating in that language (such as in an immersion...Read More

Revisiting ELT Mantras #8: 4 types of phrasal verbs

As a Native English-Speaking Teacher (NEST) who didn’t learn any English grammar at school, it wasn’t until I started training as a teacher and then teaching that I really started to get to grips with the English grammatical – and later lexical – system. In fact, I don’t think there’s ever been a point where...Read More

The hazy line between lexis and grammar

This post is a short account of two lessons I taught in 2002 which helped me to make sense of something I’d read about in the late 90s, but couldn’t get my head around. Not until then anyway. If you’ve been following me for some time, you know that I’m a big believer in experiential...Read More

iTeacher 2.0 – An app a day…

Olá, pessoal! Lá, no agora distante, primeiro post que fiz para este blog, prometi que iria falar de alguns aplicativos para dispositivos móveis, os famosos apps.  Pois bem, como sou bem pragmático, vamos direto ao assunto: seguem, abaixo, algumas dicas de programas que podem ser baixados, gratuitamente, para qualquer dispositivo que suporte iOS, o sistema...Read More

Revisiting ELT Mantras #4: Exceptions to the rule

Solo by Thomas Leth-Olsen CC BY-SA 2.0 Complete the following sentences: 1 Some is for positive sentences, and any is for negatives and questions. Except … 2 Present tenses refer to the present, and past tenses refer to the past. Except … How many exceptions to to the above ‘rules’ could you think of in,...Read More
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