Chat GPT: The death of writing lessons as we know them?

The fact that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has the potential to revolutionise education is neither theoretical nor futuristic at this point. Every year a new software is launched with the promise to shake our classroom practice to its foundation. In the last few months, the buzz has revolved around OpenAI’s latest version of the text-writing bot...Read More

On practicing what you preach

“You should write as often as possible” – that’s what I keep telling my students. Currently, 99% of my students are intrepid English teachers either preparing for the Cambridge English: Advanced or the Cambridge English: Proficiency, which means that their writing skills will be assessed via two writing tasks. Needless to say, it is my duty...Read More


Vinicius Diamantino organized a much needed online panel* about how to deliver killer presentations at ELT and educational events. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate as planned, but what follows is what I had prepared: how to write effective abstracts and summaries that will get you accepted as a speaker in the first place. Do,...Read More

Write Right, Right? Write, It Is All About CPD

It might ‘cost you dear’! That is what we generally hear when people talk about investing time and money in learning a foreign language. By the same token, professional teachers are usually judged by how qualified they are in the teaching community and investing time and money on CPD seminars seems pretty much the way...Read More
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