Damian Willians

Idioms? Not my cup of tea.

I’ve always had a strange sense of foreboding when teaching idiomatic expressions. A while back I was teaching a lesson based on personality, and we ended up looking at some idioms: couch potato, wet blanket, backseat driver, chip on your shoulder, etc. We explored the meaning, did some practise, then discussed some questions about people we know...Read More

Pendulum swings, babies and bathwater: an appeal for common sense

I  recently came across a blog post by Cathy Moore titled ‘How to respond to learning styles believers’, in which she talks about the perils of debunking theories to which people have become quite accustomed and attached to over the years, but which have been shown not to be based on evidence – in this...Read More

My journey through the Linguistic Landscape

Photo by Higor Cavalcante | CC BY 2.0 No matter where you are in the world today, English is everywhere you look. It’s used in shop signs, products in the supermarket, the names of buildings, menus, graffiti, airports, public transport, shopping centres, notices, advertising posters and hoardings. In fact, here in Brazil there is even an...Read More

In defence of coursebooks

Good morning. My name’s Damian and I like coursebooks. I’ve liked them for about 20 years now. Coursebooks are a funny beast in our profession. They seem to take a lot of flack from various sectors of the industry, yet they are – and continue to be – all pervasive. Whatever your connection with ELT,...Read More

Revisiting ELT mantras #9: Quoting people

Kitten! by Sergey Ivanov CC BY-SA 2.0 This month’s post has nothing to do with kittens, but do we really need an excuse?   This month I’m straying from the topic of teaching slightly to look at what happens when we, as teachers, write about our profession. It’s a topic that’s quite close to my...Read More
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