Online Lessons – Using Task-based Language Teaching – Part 3

The use of this current communicative approach is very common in the English lesson field. We always tend to use a task as the topic of the lesson and ask students to perform this task at the end of this lesson. As the name states TBLT, also known as TBI (task-based instruction) focuses on the...Read More

We don’t live in boxes

Chaos. That’s what the world is all about. We spend our whole lives trying to organize what cannot be organized. We want to predict the unpredictable. We believe we can have control over our lives but there is no control. We have been doing the same with Education for centuries. We try to put knowledge...Read More

Asking the right questions: what Inquiry-Based Learning can do for Bilingual Education

We need to be different to succeed – or to keep being successful after some time. That’s a rather upsetting idea, but it seems to be the norm when it comes to the ever-crescent and competitive market of bilingual schools. So what does ‘being different’ imply? Sometimes, it is about being bold when it comes...Read More

To CLIL or Not To CLIL in Bilingual Education?

Ten years ago, you were working as an English teacher at a school, and your worries were how to help students develop their productive and receptive skills. Your lesson was basically focused on reading, writing, listening, and speaking, even if you followed innovative trends, included different technologies and authentic materials. Then, something happened. You heard...Read More

What I have been learning from my baby boy – part 3

Murilo’s journey to bilingualism has been an enormous learning opportunity for me, and an extraordinary field for me to put into practice many theories related to bilingualism and bilingual education in the 21st century. Murilo, now 4 years old, masters the comprehension of the English language typically spoken by me. There are some terms that...Read More

People are still struggling with the role of Grammar in bilingual education…

It is amazing how difficult it is for us to let go of old habits, old beliefs, traditional ways of doing things. That is not different with teachers… although one might expect it to be. Recent and not so recent studies about language acquisiton have pointed out the importance of acquiring a language in a...Read More
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