Henrick Oprea

Memory is the residue of thought, but what does that mean for teachers?

If learning is personalized and engaging, it is likely to stick. If your students have fun during your classes, that’s more likely to bring about emotions that should aid the process of learning. Also, learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it is built upon previous knowledge. We also know how powerful stories are when it...Read More

The impact of your teaching

Technology will not replace teachers, but teachers who can integrate technology effectively in their pedagogical practices will replace teachers who can’t. The quote above has been repeated time and again (with different wording each time) in education conferences where the focus is technology in education – so much so that it’s hard to find the correct attribution...Read More

The Exposure Conundrum

I honestly believe that learning a language is a lot closer to learning a musical instrument than it is to preparing for a school exam. I also clearly remember the day that I shared with my guitar instructor that I’d finally bought a case for my guitar – surprisingly, he wasn’t thrilled and simply asked...Read More
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