Enhancing Lexical Strategies – Learning By Heart or Memory Habit Formation?

It goes without saying that vocabulary is one aspect language acquisition that plays an important role when learning one mother’s tongue, let alone a foreign language. I have often had learners saying that they can fairly get by grammatical structures and the real factor holding them back is how to put words within this lexical...Read More

English on a daily-basis: making it happen!

At the beginning of a new semester, learners are usually excited to get started, enthusiastic about learning and with high hopes of finally achieving that much sought-after fluency. As the course unfolds, so does life: learners have to juggle work, school and their own personal lives, coping with everything at the same time. And as...Read More

Whose meaning is it anyway?*

“What’s the meaning of…” seems to be a perfectly innocent question. But language is never innocent, is it?    I give you exhibit A, the word white-shoe: According to The American Heritage, “white-shoe adj. Of or being a long-established business known for reputable service and a wealthy clientele: “took a job at… [a] pronouncedly white-shoe investment-banking firm” (Connie Bruck)”...Read More

´Americanization´ or ´Americanisation´?

‘Trousers’ or ‘pants’? ‘Lift’ or ‘elevator’? ‘Colour’ or ‘color’? ‘Theatre’ or ‘theater’? Which lexical item do you use? Which form of spelling do you opt for? Do you teach ‘American’ or ‘British’ English? Or both? How do you decide what to teach? Does it matter? Well, according to some recent research, it does matter, and...Read More

Lost in Translation – O uso da tradução na sala de aula

Olá a todos e todas! Para este post de hoje, resolvi trazer um pouco à baila um assunto que tem a ver com uma das minhas atividades profissionais relacionadas à língua inglesa. Sou tradutor, atualmente trabalhando mais com livros de RPG (para saber um pouco mais sobre isso, leia meu post). Entretanto, sempre que posso,...Read More
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