Para ser fluente é preciso pensar no idioma?

Pensar é algo natural para todos nós.  Segundo a Wikipedia, é uma faculdade do nosso sistema mental através da qual modelamos o mundo para nele podermos transitar e agir segundo a nossa vontade. Pensar vem de fábrica, ou seja, é grátis. Por esse motivo, não se aprende a pensar. Se é assim, por quê então […]

Accent trait or pronunciation error?

In the past few years, I’ve seen a few teachers in Brazil make a point of differentiating accent traits from pronunciation errors. You can listen to Daniel Bonatti explain it here for CanalRh or Vania Below from ManagedEnglish tackle it here. The implication, as I understand, is that diversity in accents should be celebrated, but pronunciation […]

Gigging into the future

I was asked recently what I did for a living. I replied that I was a freelance teacher and teacher trainer, working for an assortment of organizations, companies and individuals.  However, what I am part of is the ‘gig economy’. A ‘gigger’, if you like. But what is it, and how will it affect English […]

Suffixes: pronunciation for teachers

It seems to me that my posts here have, unintentionally, turned into a pronunciation series. I’ve been keeping my eyes /aɪz/ and ears /ɪərz/ open to things to write about. Last week, I worked with the pronunciation of different suffixes in different places. Because of that, I thought this would be an appropriate topic and I’ve […]

Strategy design and execution in education management – part 2

In my previous article (Strategy design and execution in education management – Part 1) we delved into strategic planning and how a single strategy is converted into multiple projects, also called portfolio of projects. In this text, we will focus on project execution, some of the main limitations and some solutions. The Fortune magazine claimed, […]

Discussing assessment

As the end of the year approaches, many of us are considering the end of term procedures and the handover of groups to the next teachers. That overall assessment of our learners is what I would like to discuss in this post, the first one I write about assessment. It is ideal that we look at […]