Lenora Haranaka

Designing the learning experience we want our learners to have

Starting a new semester is always exciting: that feeling of starting over, but knowing a bit more and being able to make it a bit better! So I would like to start this year’s posts focusing our attention on our ability to design learning experiences as we shape our own journey as educators. So let’s...Read More

Why should we all develop an Infinite Mindset? (2)

As I was relaxing after a long productive day working from home for the 5th day in a row, for the 1st time in my life, I came across a Simon Sinek’s short video where he explained why ‘These Are Not Unprecedented Times’. Most of us are feeling as if we were living in a...Read More

Entrepreneurial Mindset – How does that relate to teachers? (1)

What exactly does it mean to have an Entrepreneurial Mindset? According to Arash Asli (2018), “The entrepreneurial mindset is about a certain way of thinking — it is about the way in which you approach challenges and mistakes. It is about an inherent need to improve your skillset and to try and try again.” I...Read More

Greenhouses, Gardens and Jungles – 2

Taking the DELTA has changed me as a teacher in many ways, but I believe that it has most influenced the way I perceive and teach listening. I first came across the term ‘decoding’ when my dear tutor Melissa Lamb from IH London introduced me to John Field’s book ‘Listening in the Language Classroom’. Later...Read More

Greenhouses, Gardens and Jungles – 1

What is your passion when it comes to teaching EFL? Is it one of the four skills [listening, speaking, reading or writing]? One of the four systems [pronunciation, lexis, grammar or discourse]? Teaching YLs or teens? Methodology, perhaps? Teacher training? – Hard to pick one, right? Well, I’ll do it anyways! I’ll start with Listening...Read More

The Power of Generosity

I’d like to start this post with Maya Angelou’s beautiful statement: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” As a subscriber to MET (Modern English Teacher), I received the October 2018 issue at home this month. Their...Read More

21st Century Skills for Teachers

When we ask learners what they like most about school, their usual response is ‘Nothing’, ‘My friends’, ‘Going home’, and few of them come up with a teacher or a subject that they actually enjoy. One of the possible reasons why learners are disengaged from their schooling is because they see no real purpose in...Read More

English on a daily-basis: making it happen!

At the beginning of a new semester, learners are usually excited to get started, enthusiastic about learning and with high hopes of finally achieving that much sought-after fluency. As the course unfolds, so does life: learners have to juggle work, school and their own personal lives, coping with everything at the same time. And as...Read More

Developing professionally in your work place – What does that mean to you?

We all want a positive work environment where we feel safe to share our ideas, projects, concerns, and challenges… where we can offer and seek advice aiming at a greater good: helping learners reach their goals and becoming the best possible professional we can become. Right – that’s a lovely goal. How can we make...Read More

The Importance of Belonging

Williams and Burden (2010: 202) beautifully state that “Language classrooms in particular need to be places where learners are encouraged to use the new language to communicate, to try out new ways of expressing meanings, to negotiate, to make mistakes without fear, and to learn to learn from successes and failures. Emotionally, a suitable environment...Read More
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