4 Educational podcasts for curious teachers

The ones who interact with me know what a podcast freak I am for more than a decade now, when it was still a hustle to transfer a podcast to my mp3 player. All of it to bring new and fresh learning experiences to my students. Even when I didn’t have connection, it worked. When...Read More

Before we worry about ChatGPT, let’s enjoy it

If you’re a teacher, it is very unlikely that you haven’t heard about ChatGPT. But in case you haven’t, to put it simply, ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022.  This tool has raised many concerns among many professionals, but especially educators as ChatGPT is likely to be used by...Read More

3 Things I’ve Learned from Teaching Teens Online

An increased interest in online teaching has emerged in recent years. Such interest has become even more prominent due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine, during which teachers worldwide had to take up online teaching overnight. Many of us had been teaching adults – or taken online lessons and courses ourselves – for a...Read More

Finding Common Ground Between Technology and Kinaesthetics

If you have been teaching teens for the past years you have probably noticed how attached they are to their mobiles or tablets. To say that they love technology is an understatement. Playing video games, watching TV series and films or listening to music are some of the usual activities they perform in their free...Read More

8 Tips for Not Turning your Makerspace into the Next Computer Lab

  Though the maker movement has been around for a long time now, and if we consider Dewey, Papert, among other educators, we’d say it’s been around for decades! If we go event further and look at makerspace as those garages where kids used to work with their parents on projects, fix things and solve...Read More

Educators Going Digital: Don’t Let Fear Get in the Way

It’s been some years already that we’ve been talking about m-learning and its promises, but with not much consistent use of mobile devices as a learning tool with extremely high computational capabilities, sometimes even bigger than our own desktops (certainly this is my case!). There are simply countless ways to deepen the experiences and learning...Read More

Power Up your Classes with Youtube Videos

There´s nothing new on the use of Youtube for learning, but how often do you use its features beyond watching the videos? I´d like to suggest three ways to enhance the use of Youtube videos in the classroom. First, encourage your group to create a collaborative playlist about the topic they are studying. By doing...Read More

Educators: A Plea for Auditing your Digital Literacies

It´s been a while that educational communities talk about digital literacies. This has been a topic of my interest for a decade now. Still, what we see is a group of educators who follow exactly the curve of innovation in which we have the early adopters way ahead, investing in the development of their digital...Read More
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