Before we worry about ChatGPT, let’s enjoy it

If you’re a teacher, it is very unlikely that you haven’t heard about ChatGPT. But in case you haven’t, to put it simply, ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022.  This tool has raised many concerns among many professionals, but especially educators as ChatGPT is likely to be used by...Read More

3 Things I’ve Learned from Teaching Teens Online

An increased interest in online teaching has emerged in recent years. Such interest has become even more prominent due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine, during which teachers worldwide had to take up online teaching overnight. Many of us had been teaching adults – or taken online lessons and courses ourselves – for a...Read More

Are We to Blame For Our Teenage Students’ Indiscipline?

It’s expected that experienced teachers’ classes will be more peaceful and freer of problems than novices’. But let’s be honest: no matter how long you’ve been working in ELT (English Language Teaching), there will always be difficulties, since we are dealing with people. That alone already means facing the unexpected on a daily basis, not...Read More

Do You Shy Away From Shy Students?

It goes without saying that teachers of teenagers often worry about how fun and dynamic classes must be so as to keep students engaged and motivated. So pervasive is this concern among professionals who teach youngsters that we sometimes tend to disregard the importance of taking into account the quieter and shyer students in our...Read More

OMG! My Teenage Student is Better Than Me!

It’s the beginning of a new term. You’re chosen to teach an upper-intermediate/advanced group. You’re excited to meet your new students, you plan a welcome activity so as to start off with the right foot. You enter the room, start the class and ask your new students to introduce themselves. And suddenly one particular student...Read More

Dealing With Teenagers’ Demotivation in The Classroom

One of the biggest concerns among teachers who work with teenagers is that they seem to be demotivated most of the time. It’s often said that teenage students don’t participate in classes so enthusiastically or don’t show interest in the activities. While that may be true, it will rarely happen to the whole group. Even...Read More

The X Factor in Teaching Teens

Have you ever changed your lesson plan (or part of it) halfway through due to students’ lack of engagement? And have you ever regretted changing it because students asked you to do something different in class? If you answered yes for both questions, you face the same dilemma that we do; which is how much...Read More

Using Superheroes in Class

Before we start, click on the player above and enjoy this song while you enjoy your reading! I guarantee it will make the experience a lot more fun! 🙂 Some years ago, acclaimed director Steven Spielberg said he thought the superhero film genre would die out. Much has been said about the possible downfall of...Read More

The Teenage Brain: How It Affects the Learning Process

As a teacher, I have often resorted to different methodologies and activities to make students more interested in my class. However, lately I have been curious about the learning processes of a language and I have been eager to understand in depth how especially teenagers go through such processes. Consequently, the following question has popped...Read More
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