Alinhando Atitude, Autoconhecimento e Conscientização para o Crescimento Profissional no Ensino de Inglês

Bem-vindos à última postagem de nossa série que explora o modelo KASA (Knowledge,  Attitude, Skills and Awareness) de Donald Freeman como ferramenta fundamental para professores de inglês em busca de aprimoramento contínuo. Na primeira parte, exploramos a importância do conhecimento; na segunda, mergulhamos no mundo das habilidades. Agora, em mais uma postagem, vamos explorar dois...Read More

4 Educational podcasts for curious teachers

The ones who interact with me know what a podcast freak I am for more than a decade now, when it was still a hustle to transfer a podcast to my mp3 player. All of it to bring new and fresh learning experiences to my students. Even when I didn’t have connection, it worked. When...Read More

Are teachers responsible for students’ motivation?

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure” said Bill Cosby when inquired about his successful career as a comedian, actor, author, television producer and musician. From weight loss programs to competitive jobs in multinational corporations, the desire for success is a predominant characteristic of human behavior....Read More

The pains and gains of having your own blog or website

I have been running my own website ( for several years, which has been both incredibly rewarding and very time-consuming. So many people have asked me what is in it for those who go through the trouble of building and maintaining a website, that I decided to do my Master`s research on this topic.  In...Read More
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