maker movement

8 Tips for Not Turning your Makerspace into the Next Computer Lab

  Though the maker movement has been around for a long time now, and if we consider Dewey, Papert, among other educators, we’d say it’s been around for decades! If we go event further and look at makerspace as those garages where kids used to work with their parents on projects, fix things and solve...Read More

My Moving Maker Moment

How often do you revisit and reexamine your beliefs about teaching and learning and about yourself as a teacher? It is easy to find fault in other people’s beliefs or practices: “So and So still operate with the concept of X. Don’t they know research shows no evidence it works?”; “How can anyone still use...Read More

Spaces for Learning: Agile Learning Spaces

For the past year I’ve been interested and have intensely studied, researched and explored the Maker Movement. First, just out of curiosity as I was being fed through my Twitter stream (remember I mentioned in other posts how Twitter is still my number one source of inspiration and daily doses of professional development?). The feeling...Read More
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