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The Work Behind The Scenes

While scrolling through my Instagram feed I usually come across a lot of posts from teachers who advertise themselves as super organized and productive. It does make sense since being a teacher requires a set of skills that we learn to develop throughout the years. Another kind of post which is usually seen is the...Read More

Trapped in the dark web of technology

When I was teaching teenagers, I frequently discussed online safety.  Cyberbullying, phishing scams and the typical 419 Nigerian prince scam were among our class topics and we would laugh hard at the absurd grammar errors in the spam email letters. However, I have recently learned that the gross grammar errors and the far-fetched stories featured...Read More

Not Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

When it comes to the topic of social media, most of us will readily agree that it has changed the way we communicate, work, enjoy ourselves and engage with the world around us. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of connectivity. While some are convinced that social media is far and...Read More

A matter of balance – women as plenary speakers

If you have spent some time online in the past months, particularly on Facebook, you may have come across a number of posts followed by hundreds of comments, basically related to gender equality, or lack of it, in ELT events. Gender equality in general is an issue that has been discussed for a long time,...Read More

Diversity and the danger of having an opinion about what you don’t know

A couple of months ago a friend of mine reported on his page on Facebook a situation that had happened to his son at school. It was a Portuguese lesson and the focus was defining and non-defining relative clauses. To cut a long story short, my friend’s son defended that that the sentence My father...Read More

Is there enough room for critical thinking in the EFL classroom?

Just like in March, I’ll begin by reproducing a photo that was in newspapers and social media last month and that proved extremely controversial, raising heated discussions on the Internet. Well, I believe you have probably seen it and possibly read lots of arguments, both defending and criticising all sorts of aspects in the photo....Read More
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