What I have been learning from my baby boy – part 3

Murilo’s journey to bilingualism has been an enormous learning opportunity for me, and an extraordinary field for me to put into practice many theories related to bilingualism and bilingual education in the 21st century. Murilo, now 4 years old, masters the comprehension of the English language typically spoken by me. There are some terms that...Read More

The Translanguaging Pedagogy: Friend or Foe?

Translanguaging is a term that was first coined in 1994 as trawsieithu (translanguaging in Welsh) by Welsh researcher Cen Williams in order to refer to the processes in which English and Welsh were used for different reasons and purposes in the same class. For example, students would read or listen to content in English and...Read More

What I have been learning from my baby boy – part 2

One important thing I learned from my baby is that laziness starts from a very early age. Having been talking to him only in English for more than 2 years now, I can notice his incredible understanding of my production in spoken English. He understands nearly everything I speak to him, reacts appropriately to commands,...Read More

What English do you teach? Are we bilingual or proficient?

I have decided to write about these “types” of English as a lot is being discussed in terms of approaches in teaching due to lots of schools claiming to be “bilingual”. Well, in fact, let’s discuss those two things – what facet of English we deal with in our regular teaching reality and what bilingualism...Read More

A tendency now is to have schools advertising being “bilingual”. But what is it to be a bilingual school?

According to Baker (2011) bilingual education refers to the education in more than one language, often comprising more than two. It is different from traditional education as it uses language as a medium of instruction providing tolerance towards other linguistic and cultural groups.  There is the pivotal need to integrate language and content which is...Read More
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