Do we really want intercultural bilingual and language education in Brazil?

Interculturality is a very polyphonic word and has been used by many scholars in different ways and with diverse purposes. It is used in the Brazilian Common Core Curriculum (BNCC) which proposes an intercultural dimension and in the very recent proposal for Guidelines for Bilingual Education. The purpose of this text is to conceptualize interculturality...Read More

Collaboration in the classroom: whose responsibility?

One of the current buzz words in education is collaboration. From kindergarten to doctorate learners, many teachers claim to develop collaboration with their groups. I have recently discussed the matter with a group of teachers working in different contexts (language institutes, primary school, undergraduate courses) and the understanding of the concept of collaboration seems blurred at...Read More

What English do you teach? Are we bilingual or proficient?

I have decided to write about these “types” of English as a lot is being discussed in terms of approaches in teaching due to lots of schools claiming to be “bilingual”. Well, in fact, let’s discuss those two things – what facet of English we deal with in our regular teaching reality and what bilingualism...Read More
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