What does ‘good English’ even mean?

“Your English is so beautiful.” – I sometimes hear, and I promise you I have a point in writing this, which is not that I’m a Leo (although I am). In fact, I’ve always been a bit reticent about those compliments about my English language proficiency, especially when they come from laypeople. I mean, we...Read More

What research has taught me

I’m finally done with my research project. And with my writing, too. While it was an exhausting enterprise, it was also incredibly self-fulfilling. Most people tend to think that research is about collecting data and statistics. A lot of people look at research as if it was conducted by a team of experienced academic researchers...Read More

“Can you help me with this quick questionnaire?” — ELT Survey Mistakes

Have you noticed how many ELT surveys there have been out there as of late? Teachers seem to be firing off questionnaires to other teachers all the time now, about the most varied topics, from tasks used in class to teacher profile, from student motivation to whatnot. That is probably a consequence of the advent of apps...Read More

Teachers as practitioner researchers

“…and three things really matter: (1) deciding on something that you want to do; (2) that you can do; and (3) that is really worth doing.” —- Keith Richards, Qualitative Enquiry in TESOL (2003) When teachers investigate their own practice through research, they become practitioner researchers. To become a practitioner researcher, we need to nurture...Read More
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