CPD and courses: who, what, when and how much

We hear about CPD, the acronym for Continuous Professional Development, all the time. Although CPD is not only about taking courses, they are certainly a prototypical concept and the number of courses aimed at teachers has been increasing steadily, or at least this is the impression I have. When it comes to courses, one of...Read More

The 5 things I wish someone had told me about the CELTA before I took it

If you are an English teacher, you have certainly heard about the CELTA. CELTA stands for Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and it is one of the most accepted and respected TEFL courses in the world. Teachers love to talk about it because… well, it is pretty awesome indeed. It’s a 120-hour training...Read More

How NOT to get a Pass A at CELTA

In my experience as a CELTA tutor, many candidates arrive on the first day having read and researched about what to do in the course (if you don’t know what the CELTA is, by the way, you can find more about it by watching this webinar or by checking out Cambridge’s official website). There are plenty of...Read More

English made in Brazil

Two things have happened recently that served as inspiration for this post. One of them is the (erroneous) belief that one can only learn a language if his/her teacher is a native speaker. Who would figure this is still a debate in 2017. The other is the #accentpride that aims at fighting the prejudice that only...Read More

Cultural Matters

Recently, I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of weeks in London, visiting family and friends. I also took the opportunity to assess a CELTA course over there. In one of the pre-intermediate lessons I was observing there were a good many Japanese and Brazilian learners. These students seemed to be playing their stereotypical...Read More

What should come first: CAE or CELTA? A B.A. or improving my language proficiency?

I’ll admit to having mixed feelings about this, but I’ve reached that age when I’ve turned into a kind of Agony Aunt to my younger colleagues and friends. The 20-somethings come to me with their career choices and, boy, do they ask difficult questions! Their fork in the road often goes along the lines of,...Read More

Is there life after college?

Olá a todos! Recentemente, trouxe à baila em uma das minhas aulas na universidade no curso de graduação em Letras, o seguinte assunto: existe vida após a faculdade? Aparentemente, algumas pessoas estão muito preocupadas em terminar o curso, ir para a formatura, comemorar na festa e já arrumar um (ou mais) emprego(s) dando aula. Algum...Read More
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