Going Mobile, Going Further!

What happens to “learning” if we add the word “mobile” to it? The increasing and rapidly developing use of mobile technology by English language learners is an unquestionable aspect of today’s classroom. However, the attitude EFL teachers develop towards the use of mobile devices as an aid for language teaching varies greatly. The unique benefits […]

Technology and English Language Teaching to Deaf Students

According to Mattar (2010), Prensky (2010) and Frei et al (2011), the use of new information and communication technologies (ICT) in different educational spaces has been helping the teaching of foreign languages since the 90s – when computers became more common in foreign language classes. In this regard, Paiva (2001) considers that ICTs bring advantages: […]

Investing in the Future

I asked an investment fund manager recently what were the big investment opportunities in Brazil at the moment. He replied that without doubt he would invest in the health and educational sectors. He specifically mentioned online courses, whether or not they are blended, as showing great potential for growth in the future, although he added […]

Quão certo está seu aluno sobre o caminho que precisa trilhar? (Parte 2)

No coaching profissional nós entendemos que se as ferramentas normalmente empregadas na administração de empresas costumam trazer resultados excelentes, elas deverão funcionar também em outras áreas da vida que não apenas nos negócios. Haja visto que nós coaches somos apaixonados por tarefas, metas, objetivos e propósitos (nesta ordem) é bem simples compreender a razão pela […]

Final /i/ and /m/: pronunciation for teachers

After receiving some positive feedback on my previous post about pronunciation, I started thinking about other pronunciation areas that I thought were problematic. These are mistakes your students will certainly make, but that you may be making yourself too. The two sounds I have chosen have a couple of similarities to the /s/ and /z/ […]

Reading tasks: 3 pitfalls to avoid

Most of us like to use authentic, non-coursebook, hot-off-the-press texts in class from time to time. This entails not only choosing interesting, level-appropriate material, but also devising tasks that will enable students to get as much out of the text as possible. Writing good comprehension questions is trickier than meets the eye, though. Here are three pitfalls to […]