Teacher Talking Time – not so simple!

When we teach language for and through communication, it’s our job to ensure that there is as much student – student interaction as realistically possible. This means that teacher talking time (TTT) should be kept to an absolute minimum, right? Well, right and wrong. There’s more to TTT than meets the eye. Students’ interlanguage will […]

New Year’s resolutions family fortunes style.

Here’s a small teaching present for January 6, one you might be able to use in class at the beginning of your new term.  It’s based on a TV game show called Family Fortunes. If you don’t know the show, click here to see an episode, or here to read the Wikipedia entry. Basic procedure […]

Enem 2014

Ano novo, hora de colocar as promessas em prática: fazer dieta e começar a caminhar para perder peso e ganhar saúde. Há uma turma, no entanto, que ainda vai ter de esperar um pouco para começar outro tipo de caminhada: os participantes do ENEM 2014, que esperam pelo resultado dos exames para começar seus estudos […]