Mindset and teacher development

We have been discussing the importance of mindset and beliefs in education. The impact of the teachers’ confidence that their learners can achieve higher, as well as their thoughts about their own teaching to influence learning outcomes. Focusing on teacher development, here are some tips of what teachers can do and how leaders – trainers or managers […]

Developing professionalism – part 2

In my last post, I wrote about professional attitudes when working in collaboration with other ELT professionals – either helping or asking for help in order to develop. Now we are going to focus on the willingness to change and develop as a professional. Leung (2009) states that engaging in reflection to assess our own […]

Developing professionalism – part 1

We have all been there: first day at work, first day in a new job, first day with new coursebook, new group, many ‘new’ situations throughout our careers. There will always be a first in our path and from my experience, the most successful moments have been those when I had the support from peers or leaders […]

The kind of ELT professional you choose to be

Many of us start in the career by incidentally deciding to ‘temporarily’ teach the language we know while we choose what to do about our professional lives. Many of us choose the career, embrace the challenges, seek for different opportunities. The reasons that brought us to teaching or the one that made us stay are […]

Discussing assessment

As the end of the year approaches, many of us are considering the end of term procedures and the handover of groups to the next teachers. That overall assessment of our learners is what I would like to discuss in this post, the first one I write about assessment. It is ideal that we look at […]

On teacher learning

Today I was very inspired by a group of professionals attending my presentation during the 3rd BT TDSIG one-day seminar and I decided to post my contribution to the blog only after having talked to many of the committed teachers about development. Hall & Simeral (2010), in one of my favourite quotes about teaching, highlight […]

ELT and technology

I have recently been asked whether I believed technology could replace the teachers in the future. This text is an attempt to summarise my reply and my thoughts on the matter. Teaching (in general) is an activity that dates back a long while ago. Books haven’t replaced us, neither will technology. At least not unless […]

Feedback is a must… or is it?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a developing teacher must be in want of feedback. Well, that is what leads many teacher educators to plan feedback sessions, invest on provoking reflection and action. It is also what moves many teachers to ask for feedback, willing to grow. I strongly believe constructive feedback has helped me become more […]

To question or not to question…

  Preparing for the 15th BTIC? Getting ready to make the most of it with Isabela Villas Boas’s tips on presentations and the programme and Elaine Hodgson’s ideas on networking? Conferences are usually a great opportunity to reassure us all, ELT professionals, that we are a strong professional team, seeking for development, growth and better quality […]