Being a NNEST in Brazil Today Part 2

  “Language doesn’t only represent or refer to social reality (…) it constructs social reality” Claire Kramsch, in “From Practice to Theory and Back Again.”                                                             […]

What I’ve learned about learning from others

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much we can develop as professionals by being involved in the teaching community. Not surprisingly, the most important lessons I’ve had on teaching came from people, not books, but it wasn’t an easy process and I’d like to share some of lessons I’ve learnt from learning with others. […]

Quão certo está seu aluno sobre o caminho que precisa trilhar? (Parte 1)

Dentre as inúmeras atividades outdoor que trabalham autoconhecimento e motivação, uma delas, a caminhada vendada, me chama particularmente a atenção. Essa atividade consiste em nada mais que caminhar até um determinado ponto (a poucos metros de distância) estando com os olhos vendados e conseguir parar no exato local proposto. Há dois níveis para a realização […]

/s/ and /z/: pronunciation for teachers

For a very long time, I thought my pronunciation was very good. Teachers and colleagues had told me so, and because of that I rarely ever gave it much attention. I was more worried about learning vocabulary or grammar. Naturally, my pronunciation was (and still is) far from perfect, but it took me time to […]

Reading Allowed?

My son is learning to read. I sit with him as he tackles a short text. He approaches each word warily, vocalizes each individual letter, and then connects all the sounds together to pronounce the word. It’s a slow process. He stumbles over the words; his intonation is out of sync; and he sometimes gets […]

ELT and technology

I have recently been asked whether I believed technology could replace the teachers in the future. This text is an attempt to summarise my reply and my thoughts on the matter. Teaching (in general) is an activity that dates back a long while ago. Books haven’t replaced us, neither will technology. At least not unless […]

Errors as Pedagogical Resource

Hi Everyone! Let’s start talking about errors. Teachers usually see students’ errors as negative – as something to do away with. Not seeing them as a hint to the way learners make sense of the foreign language limits the teachers’ possibility of helping students and their own opportunity to learn from errors to overcome them. […]

Tales of professional development: Mary

  Today’s post is going to be a bit different. One of my greatest frustrations in life is that I don’t get to work with children anymore. That’s why I’m going to tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a teacher called Mary. She had a very good job at one of […]