What is the role of the new teacher?

The new world we live in pushes us to unavoidable changes. The dynamism it brings to society forces us to rethink our concepts and how we position ourselves in light of the ever growing challenges we have to face. In this scenario, the school and, more specifically, the teacher is being redefined. But what should […]

The impact of your teaching

Technology will not replace teachers, but teachers who can integrate technology effectively in their pedagogical practices will replace teachers who can’t. The quote above has been repeated time and again (with different wording each time) in education conferences where the focus is technology in education – so much so that it’s hard to find the correct attribution […]

Lesson observation dilemmas: part 1

This two-part post is a summary of some of the dilemmas I have faced as an observer since 1994, when I sat in on another teacher’s lesson for the first time. My intention is to raise a few (hopefully) relevant questions without necessarily proposing any easy – or complex – answers or solutions. I will […]

What do you know?

It’s clear to us by now that the role of the teacher has been changing dramatically. Gone are the days when the teacher was the source of all knowledge! In an age where students are bombarded with and have free access to information, the image of the teacher as a knowledge-transmitter seems outdated and out […]

Feito é mesmo melhor que perfeito?

Sabe aquela insegurança horrível de não sentir firmeza no chão antes de dar qualquer próximo passo? Bom, eu passo por isso e entendo perfeitamente quem também está na mesma situação. Para tentar contornar essa insegurança eu passei a gostar da minha característica perfeccionista, porque isso me dava a ilusão de segurança necessária pra dar o […]

Characteristics of Young Learners according to the area of development and the implication in teaching them

I have been working on teaching young learners a lot in these past months, mostly due to a new project we are implementing in our school, so I really thought about sharing some of the views I have been studying which definitely impact the teaching of these students. Cognitive development According to McKay (2006:6-14) children […]

It’s time to start over!

It is August, and most language teachers are likely to be here: back to the beginning of a brand new semester. For those of us who are teaching new groups (and why not old ones too), it is the perfect moment to reflect from two different perspectives: Leaving our comfort zone Every semester is a […]