We study, We teach, We learn

I have been an English teacher for almost 23 years. I also worked as a pedagogical coordinator at language schools for many years. After all this time, these experiences have helped me understand what students needed to get the most out of speaking activities and how teachers could help them take part in speaking activities […]

Diversity in ELT networking.

  After much reflection on my professional career, I must admit that everything I do I don’t do alone. I am who I am thanks to the collaboration of an endless number of people that have crossed paths with me and shared some of their wisdom, kindness, support, different takes on ELT and constructive criticism. […]

The difficult teenager. Really?

This is the 3rd and final part of my two previous posts entitled “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. In a nutshell, while Part I describes how I managed to establish and sustain rapport with a group of teenagers – whom I hadn’t taught for years on end – Part II is an account of […]

Exploratory Practice: Working for Understanding

Exploratory Practice: “It is an indefinitely sustainable way for classroom language teachers and learners, while getting on with their learning and teaching, to develop their own understandings of life in the language classroom. It is essentially a way for teachers and learners to work together to understand aspects of their classroom practice that puzzle them, […]

Creativity: are we really encouraging it?

Creativity is one of the trendy words nowadays when we talk about education and work. It is usually related to innovation and it is considered one of the most important skills a person should have in the workplace in order to solve problems and come up with new ideas. “Think out of the box”, “Step […]

Intelligibility – is that the target?

Intelligibility is what matters. I mean, anyone who wishes to learn a foreign language is looking for the possibility of being understood by those who speak that very same language. Otherwise, why would we learn it? But I do take issue with the overuse and narrowness with which this word has been used by an […]

It’s almost mid-September! Have you chosen your area(s) for development yet?

If so, how has it helped you to know your learners better? And furthermore, how has it benefitted your learners’ experience? Going back to the two perspectives explored on my last post (www.richmondshare.com.br/its-time-to-start-over/), here are some of the choices I have made so far: Leaving our comfort zone I have been working mainly with peer […]

Testing Times

I feel for test designers. They have an impossible task. To design a test of language proficiency that is considered valid and reliable by the various stakeholders involved in the testing process. This is particularly true of the test takers themselves. And it was in relation to these people that two stories recently caught my […]