First Language Acquisition
Stephen Greene

Language Acquisition: Order and Progress

I am sure there is nobody reading this post who would say the following to a student: “We did the past simple last month and you used it properly, why are you having problems with it now?” The reason we wouldn’t say this is because we are all trained, professional educators who know that learning...Read More
Stephen Greene

Language Acquisition: The Blue and White Teddy Bear

Picture the scene: A two-year-old boy with his dad having a conversation about a favourite teddy bear (not unlike the one in the photo). CHILD: Look daddy, this old teddy bear is pink. DAD: No, son, it’s blue and white. For a two-year-old this level of language would be pretty amazing,yet the father has chosen...Read More
Stephen Greene

Language Acquisition: Morning Now and Other Weird Collocations

My son is approaching 3 years of age and he is developing both his English and Portugese at an amazing rate.  His language, though, sounds very strange, some people call it cute, and this is partly because he is being exposed to two languages at the same time and partly because he is still only 2...Read More
Stephen Greene

Language Acquisition: The Bird is the Word

There is a cartoon that I love to watch called Family Guy (Uma Familia da Pesada).  It isn’t to everyone’s taste because of the casual violence, bad language and somewhat offensive jokes.  Whether you like it or not it’s clear that the writers know quite a bit about how young children behave. One of the...Read More
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