Antonio Coutelo

Technology and English Language Teaching to Deaf Students

According to Mattar (2010), Prensky (2010) and Frei et al (2011), the use of new information and communication technologies (ICT) in different educational spaces has been helping the teaching of foreign languages since the 90s – when computers became more common in foreign language classes. In this regard, Paiva (2001) considers that ICTs bring advantages:...Read More

ADHD students learning English – part 2

Learning foreign languages is an exciting experience that not only develops students’ mind, skills and attitudes, but also offers possibilities of changing one’s entire life. In my career of teaching English at Elementary and Secondary Schools and language institutes in Brazil I would often encounter children with special needs among my class. I taught many...Read More

Teaching English to students with Down’s syndrome – part 2.

Last month, I brought the factors that are typical of many children with Down’s syndrome which facilitate and inhibit learing. In this context, it is important that we advance the discussion regarging second language learning. It is known by educators that children with Down’s syndrome typically have a speech and language impairment. According to the...Read More

Teaching English to students with Down’s syndrome

According to the Scottish Down’s Syndrome Association, Down’s syndrome is the most common form of learning disability. It is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome. Children with Down’s syndrome vary as widely in their development and progress as typically developing children. Regarding development, Vygotsky defined human beings as complex and multifaceted. In this...Read More
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