It’s Time for a Change

“You could not step twice into the same river”. *Heraclitus This post is dedicated to my parents, husband and children and to all those people from my PLN who  have helped me open my eyes, taught me, listened to me patiently encouraged me and have made me believe that “ YES, I CAN”. Special thanks […]

What Is Reflective Teaching And Why Is It Important?

“Teachers are the busiest professionals on Earth”.  “Teachers never stop working”. How many times have you heard statements like those above?  I bet many times. And how many times have you stopped to reflect upon your teaching practice? Have you ever done it? How?  What was the last time you’ve been observed? What was the […]


February has come and we are all back to school again. So let’s talk about homework? For some years I have observed that a certain number of teachers have had difficulties setting and correcting homework for several reasons, from time management to lack of interest on the part of the SS. I have then started […]

A Little More on Professional Development

Professional Development is an area which I really like talking and writing about. Yes, I’ve written about it before, but for me it’s never too much and I hope it’s not for you too. For years I have been working with other teachers’ PD and mainly I have tried to work hard on my own […]