It’s Time for a Change

“You could not step twice into the same river”.



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This post is dedicated to my parents, husband and children and to all those people from my PLN who  have helped me open my eyes, taught me, listened to me patiently encouraged me and have made me believe that “ YES, I CAN”.

Special thanks to Ana Maria Menezes, Teresa Gomes de CarvalhoPriscila Mateini, Dimitris PrimalisDebora Tebovich, Fabianna Casella, Marjorie RosembergMarisa Constatinides and  Vicky Loras for the lessons I have learned from them, for  their permanent examples as people and educators, for believing me,  for their encouragement, priceless friendship and pieces of advice , for the opportunities given and for always being there for me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Image created by Roseli Serra

Image created by Roseli Serra

The last three years have been of great changes and challenges in my life.  Those changes that happened in my professional life not always had happy endings.  On the other hand, I had unique moments in my personal life:  My parents’ Golden wedding anniversary   (now 53), my son’s graduation, my daughter’s wedding, that I had the honour to plan carefully, but mainly the fact that I could cover all the mirrors and look inside myself to find the person and the professional I want to be from now on.

Having reached maturity without losing the joy for living or the energy to work hard and discover new things, I picked myself lost many times, except for what concerns family stability.

Being a teacher for a long time, I had to bear in mind, more than ever, that I needed to be a leaner. A very good leaner with good marks in order to make decisions and survive in a competitive hectic world, to face the difficulties in the market  where I live and realised that either I reinvent myself or get depressed.

But, how? When? And what if it doesn’t work?

We all know the power of procrastination, that horribly persuasive voice that sits on our shoulder and says, “just leave it for tomorrow…” And we also know what happens when we listen to it: we put off our goals for so long that we finally give up.

Being a teacher, I know I have accomplished a lot, but I have also reached deep sadness and frustration too.  So it’s about time to change!

The other day I was attending one of Marisa Constantinides’  webinar   when she shared with us some of her experiences. One of the things she said that most touched me was:  “I had two choices: To be stuck where I was or reinvent myself and change : Change for better, change to make money, change to be happier, change to make the difference, change to serve as inspiration, change to work more or to work less, but change. I’ve chosen To change, I’ve chosen mine. Now, it’s your choice”.

Change to reach peace and happiness and peace is, and have always been, my ultimate goal in life.

Since mid-2012 I have learned a lot with the best people on Earth. Some of them I’ve met face to face, some I’ve not.  Some became close friends, some are colleagues who teach me invaluable lessons both regarding my life and my job. Some are only acquaint, but I know they are respectful people I get in touch and do not fear sharing.  They are my fantastic PLN (Professional learning Network)


Image created by Friends’ Matrix App on Roseli Serra Facebook

Image created by Friends’ Matrix App on Roseli Serra Facebook

One thing I know for sure is that when I face resistance head on, acknowledge it, stroke it, coddle it, and then ask for help, things shift. The procrastination monster subsides and things begin to lighten up and happen. I know the same will happen again.  There is a helping hand out there to guide you through what often feels like a stopped stuck place.

Having tried hard, I guess I’ve finally started to reach good marks in my learning process as a professional. I fell happy, relieved and peaceful!

Life has taught me that there’s always another chance, there is always the now in which anything can happen, anything can change, anything is possible. You just need to be brave and go for it!


Every day, the first thing I do is to thank for the privilege of being alive and healthy, for being able to help and, for sometimes serve as inspiration for the others , for making the difference in some way, but mainly I thank for my total family support, for my friends and colleagues,  for my amazing PLN, for being here, alive, filled with joy and strength. I then go into my life knowing that today can be different, that  I can make the difference  and , most of all, I should not and I will not fear the future , whatever is has prepared for me.

Last but not least, I’ll finish this post written from the heart with another quotation that has made great difference in my life:

“All entities move and nothing remains still. (*Heraclitus)

It’s time for a change.  NOW It’s my turn.  If not now, when?

Enjoy your teaching. I’ll enjoy mine, my way!


*Heraclitus of Ephesus (535 BC – 475 BC), Greek philosopher, known for his doctrine of change being central to the universe.


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