Why I got into Teacher Training

If you have been teaching for a while you may have come across a difficult decision teachers are faced with: how to continue growing professionally without leaving the classroom. In my experience, the path to getting recognition or a higher salary often make teachers transition into academic or managerial positions. I tried those things, but they didn’t fulfill me.

I chose to become a teacher in order to work with people, to share my experiences, listen to other people’s experiences, learn and teach. I eventually found out that I could continue doing those things by becoming a teacher trainer.

These are 3 reasons why I got into teacher training and that might tell you if this is a good fit for you professionally.

  1. You get to work with a wider variety of people. Since I started working as a trainer, I’ve had the pleasure to work with people from many different states in Brazil, as well as foreigners from many different countries. In addition, these teachers came from a variety of backgrounds (public schools, private schools, language institutes of all shapes and sizes, as well as people with no experience who had just got started in the profession).
  2. You continue to teach and hone your skills. You need to be on the top of your game as teachers are usually very demanding. This helps me to keep motivated and want to continue studying.
  3. One of the things I wanted when I first started teaching was to inspire my students and have some of them become teachers themselves (Patricia, Isabella, Paulo, and André shout out to you). As a trainer, you can have the same effect on teachers and sometimes help them rediscover their love for the profession. (and, if I’m being totally honest, you can also help people leave the profession if that’s more of your thing).

If this sounds appealing to you, it’s now time to go looking for courses, certificates, and diplomas that will allow you to become a trainer.

Thanks for reading and see you in Brasília next week.

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Ricardo Barros

Ricardo Barros is a CELTA tutor and freelance teacher trainer based in Jundiaí–SP. He has taught English since 2003, working as a teacher, teacher trainer, academic coordinator and Cambridge examiner. He holds the DELTA, CELTA and a BA in History from Unicamp. He is a moderator for the BrELT facebook group and advisory council member for BRAZ-TESOL. He also blogs at

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