Teaching at Institutions x Regular Schools

When did you decide to become a teacher? Did it start because life happened or did it start because you planned it? Did you take into consideration all the effort you would have to put into it? Or all the hours you would have to spend trying to make your lesson better for that particular student who claims he/she does not like the language? 

As you know, I have recently changed the focus of my work. I taught English at a renowned Institution and I was an academic coordinator there for 5 years. However, I don’t know if you are aware of this: I decided to become a teacher when I was only nine years old. I remember worshiping my teachers at school and later my professors at University. I was determined to teach English when I was fifteen, during an English lesson at school when the teacher was reading a poem. I simply fell in love with it. Of course, I have had other jobs – I worked with my father who is an accountant, I worked as a receptionist at a conference call company, and I was a bilingual secretary at Dow – so I may say I know other areas before really having my heart set on the magic of teaching. 

People usually say (and I myself have said it) that teaching a language at an Institution and at a regular school are quite different things. I have recently discovered it is actually not. I mean, the objective is the same: teaching the language and making students fall in love with it. The format may be different: 8- 15 students against 20 – 30 students, the prior set classroom layout is definitely distinct. Thus, I believe it is up to you, your experience, training, years of practice and creativity to make do with it. 

Change the layout, use other spaces in the school, and most certainly use technology (VR glasses, padlet, etc) not only to make our and their lives easier but also to make the learning more meaningful. 

I asked at the beginning when you decided to be a teacher and how it was because I would like you to remember that passion you had towards the field.  Even if you started teaching because life happened. Never forget that fiery will to impart wisdom as I am convinced everyone has. 



Beatriz Solino de Francisco

Beatriz holds the Cambridge Train the Trainer and the DELTA Mods II and III(Teaching Exam Lessons). She has a Licentiate’s degree in English Language from PUC SP (2007). CPE level of proficiency and she has been teaching for 15 years. She is an Academic and Pedagogic Coordinator. She is currently doing a Company Management MBA at FGV.

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