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Twitter in ELT

I still haven´t convinced you to try out Twitter even with Twitter for Professional Development and Try Twitter Before Ignoring It? Here are two additional reasons for you to join the educational crowd on Twitter.

This week, the international education conference, Transformar, A Educação Está em Evolução, is happening in São Paulo, and you can follow along where?! You know where. TWITTER. Many of the participants are backchanneling, which means they are broadcasting via Twitter the interesting things they hear and pointing to resources, as well. How about taking a sneak peek? You just need to access Twitter hashtag #transformar2014

I´ve just learned through the Twitter feed, for example,  that you can follow the conference real time!

This is also a great way to start your own network. People who are tweeting are probably educators or, at least, interested in educational issues. So, start following them!

The second strong reason to be on Twitter is that you can find authentic language to explore as a classroom activity. How do you do that? Browse around and search for some topics you might be exploring in your classroom. Can you envision different ways of using Twitter to enrich your classroom experience? Think about it and let me know how you´d do it.  I promise to bring up some fun ideas next month!

By the way, tomorrow I´m traveling to João Pessoa to attend the BrazTESOL Conference. Guess what?! You can follow some of what´s happening there through the hashtag #braztesol2014 . See you online.

Carla Arena

Carla Arena is a social entrepreneur, educator by choice. She left a promising career in the public service to become an English teacher and got the chance to take roles she could have never imagined, such as site content manager at the Binational Center she worked for, Casa Thomas Jefferson. There, she was also the Supervisor of Educational Technology, and more recently Coordinator of Innovation and Technologies. Carla is a Google Innovator and educational technology consultant. Currently she innovates in her own business, AMPLIFICA (

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