Images and real materials

We are constantly becoming more and more visual. Our social media communication includes sharing images. We share pictures, we comment on pictures, we like pictures. It’s all very simple and immediate.

Using picture books with small children is a way in which they can use simple language communication skills. They can simply like, share and or comment on the picture and infer meaning.
That being said, we don’t need to limit topics to simple children’s books. We can use pictures from newspapers and magazines as well. Children can infer meaning, comment, like, and share their opinions to images taken from real life. Images chosen responsibly to help them understand what’s happening in the world around them today.

It is possible to tell a story using only images.
It is possible to build a story using only images.
It might even be a trigger encourages participation by relying on visuals rather than speech.

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Thalya Goldfeld

Thalya Goldfeld, (Masters in Education, CUNY) is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer. Specializes in English language storytelling for young learners.

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