How can technology help students get interested in learning more about their school?

Hello! It´s such a pleasure to take part in this blog and share some of my experiences in language teaching. It was quite hard to choose a topic to write about as the number of projects we develop in the English department of Colégio A. Liessin each term is huge.

For my first post I decided to share with you a project developed last year with our 9th graders involving students from our two schools A. Liessin Botafogo and Barra da Tijuca.

We designed a project to get students interested in learning more about our High School and the different possibilities Liessin offers them to continue their studies. The main idea of the project was to have each pair of students interview different members of the High School staff or former students to give them a comprehensive view of what their next 3 years at school will be like. The set of interviews would then become a digital magazine.

Connecting 66 students who live and study in different neighbourhoods wouldn´t be possible without the use of technology. As our students have a computer lesson in English every week, our idea was to set them in pairs and give them a person, either a professional or a former student, to interview. Every department of our High School was considered so that the final product of the project would give students the feeling of belonging to a great institution.

Students prepared some questions and were challenged to interview in English whenever that was possible. Interviews in Portuguese would have to be translated. All interviews were recorded for future use. As some of the professionals would be interviewed by Botafogo and Barra da Tijuca students, all questions had to be different. Students kept exchanging e-mails to reach a consensus about each part of the project.

It took us a few months to finish the magazine, which was called “Liessin News & Interviews”. It was launched on Liessin & Facebook pages and can be checked out on the link below.

Hope this project may inspire some of you!

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Ana Beatriz Medeiros de Sousa

Bia Medeiros - I have been in ELT for over 30 years – teaching, coordinating, managing and training teachers. I am currently the coordinator of the English department of Colégio A. Liessin Scholem Aleichem Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro. I am very interested in understanding how students learn as I am also an Educational Psychologist. I will be blogging about different areas of the ELT world using the experience I have in Colégio A. Liessin. E-mail:

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