Why do school projects succeed or fail?

If you work in a language Institution or in a (high) school as a teacher, a coordinator or if you are a school principal or owner, you are aware that cultural events are a substantial part of the breakdown. 

Any school events or activities that entail cultural and social fronts are providing the students an opportunity to grow, learn, socialise, perfect existing skills, develop new skills and enhance formative development. It all sounds great, but what about the everyday processes? 

Who is/are the ones involved in events like these? There is the academic department, or sometimes, the very own teacher, who develops new ideas, create new projects and events. The marketing department, then, develops all social media communication, posters, etc. 

Sometimes there is a gap between planning the event and it actually taking place. The pattern I have been able to notice is that all departments do what they have to, however, when the information has to get through to students it doesn’t quite happen the way it was supposed to. Students end up not willing to participate or they won’t even remember there is an event. 

Why does that happen?

It is all in the way the information is conveyed. How it is “sold”. The enthusiasm in the teachers’ voice and words, the involvement from all the school departments, the repetition of information, different tasks that are developed in order to have students embrace “their” project. 

Onde, I read a post by Eduardo Freitas that said: ‘Be the change you want in your school’ – if you think the events or projects need a different touch, be the one to “touch” it. I’m sure it is going to be most welcome!

Later, throughout the project development with unconditional support from coordinators, teachers, and all the other departments, students can be shown how proud we all are of their involvement, dedication, and participation.

My happiness is intrinsic to the students’ fulfillment when they see their own results. What about you?

Beatriz Solino de Francisco

Beatriz holds the Cambridge Train the Trainer and the DELTA Mods II and III(Teaching Exam Lessons). She has a Licentiate’s degree in English Language from PUC SP (2007). CPE level of proficiency and she has been teaching for 15 years. She is an Academic and Pedagogic Coordinator. She is currently doing a Company Management MBA at FGV.

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