When students become the teachers

Half of the year has gone but we still have some time for new ideas and projects till December comes.

This month I´ll share with you a project developed with our 8th graders this year. One of the units in the coursebook we use deals with different kinds of schools and vocabulary related to learning and classroom language.

Students, in general, find it interesting to contrast their own school and Brazilian school system to home schooling or boarding schools students in some other countries experience.

Based on the topic of learning and teaching, the 8th grade teachers and I brainstormed ideas on a project that would attract students´ interest and motivate them to go deeper into the theme.

The project we decided to propose was called “Teach me”. The main idea behind this project is to let students share with their peers a talent or ability they have. Besides being the teacher in class as students were asked to teach their peers that ability, they were also challenged to learn how to use the presentation software Prezi to give their friends guidelines on how to do that thing.

The themes varied from a guitar lesson to making cupcakes and a bookmark. As the project ended, we noticed that not only the presentations were beautifully designed but also students´ interest and motivation were very high as they all wanted to do their best as teachers.

You can check out one of the lessons on the link:


Hope your students can become as great teachers as ours at Colégio A. Liessin Botafogo!

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