Try TWITTER Before Ignoring It

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So many times I´ve heard teachers saying that Twitter is not for them,  they don´t get it,  it is a waste of time. Before you make up your mind, just give it a try. Start using it in very simple ways.

My first suggestion is searching for resources educators are already sharing in their timelines. In my case, for example, I´m interested in the use of mobile devices in the classroom, so I´ll look up “mlearning”, using the Twitter search feature. Give it a try. Add “mlearning” in the search box and you will be directed to this page with no need to login:

Wow! I´ve already found many interesting tweets to help me deepen my knowledge on the topic:

I could go on and on in my Twitter search only about #mlearning, but let´s move on to another topic that I want to explore, formative assessment:



Now, imagine you get so excited about your search that Yes! you´ve decided to sign up for an account in Twitter. What now?

Start following like-minded educators. Everytime you scroll through your timeline, you´ll find their findings and sharing. It´s resource-mining at its best!

So, where to start?

How about this list? Just start following the tweets from educators you think have a powerful voice:

And if you want to move beyond and really use the connective power of Twitter?

Here´s a collection of resources I´ve been mining over the past years: 

Next month, more on Twitter. Before you ignore it, try it.

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