The Olympic Games are coming!

The 9th grade students at Colégio A. Liessin recently had a lesson to revise parts of the body. Students were familiar with most of the words as they start learning them in kindergarten through the famous song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”.

Our challenge was to find a way to make students practise vocabulary already known with new words presented in the lesson (calf, shin, heel and some others). As the Olympic Games are coming, we had the idea to ask students to create a sport using two or three other sports as a reference.

Students were invited to use the presentation software Prezi and had a few steps to follow to present their project to their classmates later on. They started by explaining what the new sport was like. Then the rules to play it were presented as well as the countries where it´s played. The equipment necessary to play it was also asked.

As students are very creative and enjoy using the Prezi software, the sports proposed to the Olympic Games were both original and amusing!

You can check one of the projects out in the link below:

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Ana Beatriz Medeiros de Sousa

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