How readers can become more than a story to read

This month I´d like to share with you a project we developed during the first semester with our 6th graders at Colégio A. Liessin Botafogo.

For each grade we select two readers to read with students in class and we chose the reader Theseus and the Minotaur for the first term of the 6th grade. Students are acquainted with the story through the History lessons they have at school, so dealing with the plot was not difficult for them.

We then decided to give students a challenge after reading the book.

They would make the story become an animated video!

We started the project teaching them how to create the characters using the South Park Studio ( Students then would edit the images and use the software program PowerPoint to create the scenes and animate the story. The final step of the project was the edition of the film using the software Movie Maker.

The whole process lasted four classes and students really enjoyed creating their own interpretation of the story!

You can check one project out in the link below:

Hope you enjoy the idea and use it with your teens!

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Ana Beatriz Medeiros de Sousa

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