Menus for a Personalized Learning Experience

I was about to start this post, and had a totally different idea in mind. But then I couldn’t miss sharing with you such interesting, simple and effective idea for the classroom with all resources already there, a click away.

I’ve just come across this post “Interactive Learning Menus (Choice Boards) Using Google Docs” , which gives a practical idea of how to prepare a learning menu based on a Tic-Tac-Toe using Google Docs. The idea behind it, giving choice, control and autonomy to the learner is such a simple and effective way to let students take over their own educational experience that we might even doubt that it will work in our classrooms. However, I bumped into another great resource on the topic that might convince you to give it a try – the TeachingChannel with useful videos for teachers. In this specific video, you’ll see the learning menus at work in a history classroom.

Now, how can you adapt it to your classroom?

Here’s an interesting Google Collaborative Bingo template on Google Docs that you could make a copy and adapt it to you own context. If you do it, share it here with us so that we can have a collection of choice boards for our English classes.

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Carla Arena

Carla Arena is a social entrepreneur, an educational technology consultant and an educator by choice. She is the co-founder of Amplifica ( and Nauta ( Carla holds a specialization in Online courses design and Innovation in Edtech. Her interests gravitate around new and emergent technologies, innovation in organizations, collaborative practices and learning experiences design to promote the professional growth of educators and bring the power of the digital to their skillset. Carla is a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer.

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