Inside the 16th BTIC – an encouragement for developing teachers

This year’s international conference, that took place in Caxias do Sul, was, as expected, amazing. I was not sure I would be able to participate until the last minute, therefore I didn’t submit any papers, however, I had the chance of “relaxing” and enjoying the ‘backstage’.

These types of conferences will surely provide you with a holistic view of the EFL area, and I say that firstly because you will able to meet teachers from various backgrounds: Teachers who love using technology in their classroom (with a learning purpose, of course) and the ones who are looking to get more information before taking the plunge. You will find teachers from private and public schools, language institutions, teachers who are consultants, who have their own company, school and institution owners, book authors, publishers, great names in the EFL world. You will also see those who are facing the same difficulties you are, or difficulties you never thought of before (or you have heard of but didn’t think it could really happen). I believe it is safe to say that every one of those who were present, were looking for something new!

Secondly, because you will have the pleasure of meeting (in person) authors of your favourite coursebooks and ask them (in person) all the questions you once wondered about.

I had the pleasure of meeting Herbert Puchta (author of Empower coursebook) the nicest ever! I had the pleasure of having lunch with John Hughes (author of Life coursebook) and come to learn more about his views on critical thinking (by the way, thank you Alice Turibio – BT SP 2nd vice, Google trainer and innovator and Rodrigo Oliveira – Cengage for that, it was a one and only lifetime experience). I also recorded an interview with Alberto Costa (Cambridge) about the BEC (business) exams since some of the teachers of the Institution I work for are highly interested in sitting for it. And these are only some of the things you are able to do when you go to EFL conferences like the BRAZ-TESOL one.

Thirdly, you will get in touch with some of your (old) college peers, former and present co-workers. I follow their posts on Facebook or Instagram but seeing them after that long a time was priceless. Thus, you are able to exchange ideas and share your successful projects right then and there. Given that, not only was I able to ‘socialise’, I was also able to bring back new views and new projects to start soon! (stay tuned).

Finally, to encourage developing teachers I highly recommend you to become a member of BRAZ-TESOL (visit their website) and follow Facebook events, Instagram stories, etc. I wasn’t able to mention everyone I met at BTIC but everybody made a difference and I thank you all for that.

Beatriz Solino de Francisco

Beatriz holds the Cambridge Train the Trainer and the DELTA Mods II and III(Teaching Exam Lessons). She has a Licentiate’s degree in English Language from PUC SP (2007). CPE level of proficiency and she has been teaching for 15 years. She is an Academic and Pedagogic Coordinator. She is currently doing a Company Management MBA at FGV.

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