For the love of teaching

On the last September 7th, a group of teachers got to meet at the incredible venue of Casa Thomas Jefferson in Brasilia. I know, in the middle of a holiday, getting on a plane and going on the search for professional development. It was another incredible edition of the conference called BrElt on the Road, brilliantly organized by Barbara Furtado, Priscila Bordon, Bruno Andrade, and Eduardo de Freitas. Filled with talks, workshops, and plenaries, this conference was certainly memorable.

But I’m here today to talk about one plenary in particular, one which completely swept me off my feet. I had the ultimate pleasure to listen to Laura Zonta talk about her experience in her first years as a teacher and being a transgender woman. I had no idea of how privileged I was until I heard her say that for the longest time she couldn’t possibly think that being an English teacher was something she could do, simply because she decided to live fully embracing her true self. Being strong and brave as she is, she became one of the professionals I admire the most in this market.

Right now, as I’m sitting here, I cast my mind back to that moment, and the feeling I had was indescribable. How come a person as talented and as determined as her, believing that she wouldn’t be able to be a teacher because it was simply not for her.




Which is why I decided to write this text: like her, I have met several people who have found their calling in teaching, but think they don’t have what it takes. And I can say, to all of you who are wondering whether you should give it a try or not – yes, the world needs educators who are willing to change people around them. It is not an easy task: there is a lot of studying, and a lot of preparation, but there is also the help of a vast community of teachers willing to contribute and help other professionals grow. It is a cascade of knowledge associated with kindness which impacts directly in the lives of our students. And if there still are any questions you have, talk to us! Remember BrElt? There are almost 20.000 teachers there. There is also another great community called Professores e Escolas de Inglês, with almost 30.000 members.

We are expecting you!

39-year-old teacher at Cultura Inglesa with experience in working with Young learners, teenagers and adults. A CELTA and ICELT holder, with a passion for Continuous Professional Development. I have presented in important Conferences such as BrazTesol and IATEFL and I am a true believer of education as a means to making the world a better place.

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