Ken Robinson defines creativity as “the process of having original ideas that add value”.

A new school year begins, energies are renewed and teachers are full of enthusiasm for a new challenge ahead. It is in these moments that I always propose that creativity does not have to stop. Let us maintain the creativity we had when we were relaxed and with a clear mind, and let us not lose it as the frenzy of the year starts.

I believe creativity is a fundamental pillar for teaching development, if not, the most important. We all have a curriculum to follow but the difference is in how we implement it and how we transmit it to students. All teachers must promote creativity and be receptive to new ideas and new ways of approaching study points. A creative teacher will get students involved in learning and will arouse curiosity to discover new things by themselves.

At the same time, this results in students enjoying learning and their achievements. Teachers are no longer bearers of information. Students build on what they already know in order to transform it through research into new, vivid and real knowledge that enriches their lives.

Finally, by adding team work to this process, in which everyone is included and contributing, social skills are also developed. I hope that this year will be full of classroom projects that motivate, inspire and challenge students to develop ideas that add value.

Juan Luis Granato

Juan Luis Granato is an uruguayan actor, producer, drama teacher and cultural manager. Founder of the theatrical company “The Company Educational Drama” dedicated to educational theatre in English and with more tan 10 years of experience in theatre applied to education. In addition, he manages The Anglo Theatre, belonging to the Anglo Uruguayan Cultural Institute.

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