Beyond our comfort zone

“A man’s mind stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimensions.” This quote, attributed to Oliver Wendell Holmes, illustrates what happens with the learning mind: it will not be the same it had been before the new opportunities to grow. The new ideas may also refer to developing knowledge and/ or skills that are not necessarily directly connected to our area of expertise. As teachers, we aim […]

It is never Finished

When you think of Finland, what comes to mind? Naked saunas? Ice fishing? Smoked fish? Nokia? What might also spring to mind is a highly successful education system. Successful in terms of academic attainment, the number of students leaving school and entering higher education, and levels of satisfaction amongst pupils, parents and teachers. What makes […]

Using Inversions in your lessons

One of the greatest barriers I have come to face, language wise, was the very often asked question: “Am I going to use this in my ‘real-life’?” or “How useful is this?” I have realised that students have been getting to advanced levels without using more sophisticated vocabulary/grammar structures. In order to change that view, […]

Estratégias de vendas e negociação em ELT

Ser autônomo ou ter uma escola de idiomas é extremamente desafiador, especialmente no processo de venda dos serviços educacionais. Há quem pense que vendas é uma arte, mas também é um processo racional com técnicas específicas que visam aumentar as chances de sucesso. A imagem abaixo representa um fluxograma de vendas em ELT e iremos […]

May I

It’s May. May I, then, talk about the elephant in the room? “Which one?” I hear you ask. Right you are, because for a profession that deals with communication and education, we seem to sweep quite a few things under the rug. This topic in particular is such a big lump on that rug that […]

Marketing não faz milagre!

Vou confessar uma coisa: odeio ir ao dentista. Nada contra a pessoa do dentista, o profissionalismo ou o consultório. É meio que irracional, como um medo inexplicável, mas eu realmente detesto ir ao dentista. Por isso, evito ao máximo fazê-lo – erro clássico e crítico. Rápida historinha real: usei aparelho fixo por vários anos por […]

Mindset and teacher development

We have been discussing the importance of mindset and beliefs in education. The impact of the teachers’ confidence that their learners can achieve higher, as well as their thoughts about their own teaching to influence learning outcomes. Focusing on teacher development, here are some tips of what teachers can do and how leaders – trainers or managers […]

I Am Prepared To Say I Am Lucky That Way!

In this day and age getting a job, let alone a position which suits you best, has become a scarce commodity. More and more professionals are seeking jobs that meet their needs. However, not many are actually prepared to meet the market needs. This is a harsh reality and it has obviously hit our ELT […]