The future is now

First we had industrialization. Then this was followed by electrification, which in turn preceded the age of digitalization. And now, apparently, we are accelerating at what seems like breakneck speed towards what the International Bar Association calls the ‘Industrial Revolution 4.0’. This fourth industrial revolution is being, and will be, marked by dramatic changes in […]

The Art of Storytelling as Curriculum

Our humanity is expressed through our stories. More than ever before educators are in the look for different ways to engage their students by telling their own pieces of stories each class they meet their students, but they are also aiming to help their learners to tell their own stories. By doing that, a transformative […]

Gigging into the future

I was asked recently what I did for a living. I replied that I was a freelance teacher and teacher trainer, working for an assortment of organizations, companies and individuals.  However, what I am part of is the ‘gig economy’. A ‘gigger’, if you like. But what is it, and how will it affect English […]

Going Mobile, Going Further!

What happens to “learning” if we add the word “mobile” to it? The increasing and rapidly developing use of mobile technology by English language learners is an unquestionable aspect of today’s classroom. However, the attitude EFL teachers develop towards the use of mobile devices as an aid for language teaching varies greatly. The unique benefits […]

They haven’t understood it yet.

This week I came across the photo below on different friends’ timelines:   Under the photo you read: ‘The perfect place for a cell phone while classes take place!’ Reactions to the photo varied. Some of these friends thought this was a good idea. Some, on the other hand, criticised it. Two of these comments […]

Can ELT afford digital?

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend the MAWSIG conference in London. This is a gathering of talented materials writers, editors and publishers. The theme of the conference was “New ways of working for new ways of learning” so the focus was heavily on digital and writing for digital. As I […]