Three Highlights from IATEFL Manchester Talks and Workshops

While technology has become a powerful tool to share information, talking to people face-to-face still remains unrivalled. Enjoying a meal together or connecting with others through a handshake — or even a few words, creates a synergy that promotes feelings of trust and collaboration;  it helps us build stronger relationships and a feeling of belonging. […]

From Mentoring to Nurturing — How to turn mentoring into an inspiring experience for teachers

I’m a teacher and a mentor,  which means I’m in charge of in-service training at  branch level at a large language institute with around seventy branches spread in my hometown and other capitals in Brazil. In practical terms, I welcome new teachers and conduct ongoing training with our teaching staff when I’m not busy teaching […]

Learning to Learn

  This month’s post is about different ways of learning, or learning styles, as some authors put it. It’s also about why I believe they exist even when we totally ignore their existence. It is a controversial issue for many teachers, who have mixed feelings about it. Do Learning Styles really exist?  Are they just […]

Une Tomate Rouge and How Languages Work

                  1. Une Tomate Rouge Less than a month ago I decided to take up French and I am already being faced with big challenges: I had assumed that languages close to your own in the language tree should not be too hard to learn, so I […]

Mentoring: As Good as it Gets

When I started teaching a long time ago, I didn’t have a mentor. I had colleagues and students, and occasionally I would seek help from a more experienced teacher. It was usually a question about the material or language that I couldn’t answer myself. Other than that, I relied pretty much on teachers’ guides even […]

Reading Made Easy for Learners

As a teenager, I read anything I could lay my hands on; that included all sorts of literature: good and bad. It didn’t matter as long as it was an interesting story ( from a young girl’s perspective, I might say). As a young English language learner, I was lucky to study at an English […]

To Sir, with Love

‘To Sir, with Love‘ was perhaps the most watched and the most loved movie in my teenage years. The East London high school teacher who gave up on the school textbooks to teach his rowdy, disruptive students about life, was every teenage kid’s hero. I’ve just come across  the website below, which  offers a glimpse […]

We need to talk about English

I’ve recently come across Deena Boraie’s  2013 post on the TESOL webpage in which she lists the latest trends in EFL. Two of these trends immediately caught my eye: Change in the Goal of Teaching English: Our goals are no longer to transform our students into imitations of native speakers, but into “competent English-knowing bilinguals,” […]