The difficult teenager. Really?

This is the 3rd and final part of my two previous posts entitled “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. In a nutshell, while Part I describes how I managed to establish and sustain rapport with a group of teenagers – whom I hadn’t taught for years on end – Part II is an account of […]

– “Seminars and conferences? No, thanks. Been there, done that, took a selfie. I’ve seen it all.”

If, like me, you have been in the field of TEFL for what I choose to call a substantial amount of time, you have probably (over)heard teachers, or even work colleagues say, “I’ve participated in so many seminars and conferences that I really don’t see the point of keeping attending them anymore. I’ve seen it […]

Getting the Music of English Right

Modeling language is, among a number of other teaching techniques, one of the first things the novice teacher needs to put a lot of effort and energy into in order to have a hand on, to say the least. In most pre-service teacher training courses I have taught several times at different institutions along many […]

On Fluency and Accuracy

Although attempts to define ‘fluency’ and ‘accuracy’ when speaking a foreign language abound in the specialized literature, there still does not seem to exist a consensus regarding a single, ultimate definition of either one of the terms. One of the reasons which could partly explain the lack of common ground among authors is the very […]