I Am Prepared To Say I Am Lucky That Way!

In this day and age getting a job, let alone a position which suits you best, has become a scarce commodity. More and more professionals are seeking jobs that meet their needs. However, not many are actually prepared to meet the market needs. This is a harsh reality and it has obviously hit our ELT […]

Write Right, Right? Write, It Is All About CPD

It might ‘cost you dear’! That is what we generally hear when people talk about investing time and money in learning a foreign language. By the same token, professional teachers are usually judged by how qualified they are in the teaching community and investing time and money on CPD seminars seems pretty much the way […]

From RLE To VLE – The Missing Extension?  

It goes without saying that we live in a world which is bombarded by information. I am not saying that is all bad, however, for some this may be too much, too soon and too frightening. This fast-moving evolution of information technology has brought about a new sort of ‘society’ which seeks for a full […]

Alphabet Generation – From Hi-Fi to Wi-Fi

I have recently read an article talking about the teacher of the future and that got me thinking whether I was either connected to past, present or future. Some years ago I and Lidia Vanessa (a fellow teacher and friend of mine) did a presentation at an ABCI conference which started with a provocative question: […]

Locked and Loaded But Out Of Focus

How come you can’t get your students to concentrate? That seems to be a rhetorical yet plausible question until it happens to you. I am not sure about you but I have certainly tasted this sensation in my teaching environment, and for the record, that is not a pleasant one. I have been around for […]

Cutting a long story short

How many times have you heard, said, read or written the chunk – ‘So, to sum up,…! While on holidays gazing at the sea, sitting on the beach every day I caught myself ‘saying’ that when I was playing with my kids on the sand. Tragically or not, one student came to mind. Verbose as […]